"I TENCITT"  Biography

The Folk and Dance Group “I Tencitt” was founded in September 1979, when a group of friends were trying to figure out how to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of the church in their town. After briefly searching for costumes and researching traditions of Cunardo they decided to perform together for the first time on the stage of the parish’s recreation centre.

Soon after, they started performing in the neighbouring towns too, achieving great success, From that moment a new group was born, which continues to shares the treaditions, songs,and folk dances from Cunardo locally, nationally, and also abroad.



However, what does “Tencitt” means?

There are two explanations.

In Cunardo there used to be spinning facotories where workers spun and dyed clothes. They were called “Tintori” in Italian, which was translated in the local dialect as “Tencitt”.

However, the oldest women of the town have told us another story: seller owned a book in which they used to  write down customer’s accounts that had to be settled within the month’s end. People from Cunardo went shopping but never paid and for this reason the book kept being “tinto” that means dirty in the sense that it kept being all written.


The actual group consists of roughly 40 members divided into a group of dancers who perform different choreographies while being accompanied by a choir, an accordation and a guitarist.

There is also a group of children aged from 3 to 11 years old that are “the future” of the ensemble.

Our repertoire ranges from dances, to popular songs, and funny sketches.


The ensemble, which has been a part of the F.I.T.P. (Federazione Italiana Tradizioni Popolari, an association for popular Italian traditions)for many years, organizes an International Folk Festival every year in July in Cunardo, inviting groups from all around the world.

The Tencitt group has made many friends and had opportunities for exchange with other folk ensemble taking part in festivals not just in Italy but also in Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Portugal, France, Croatia and Switzerland.